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Shambhala Yoga Centre is more than just a place to practice yoga. It is a safe, sacred and inclusive space where all are welcome to relax, ‘lighten the load’, and reconnect with themselves and each other.

Shambhala teachers are internationally qualified and experienced practitioners with a passion for life and for sharing the benefits of yoga. Our committed group is comprised of semi­nomadic truth­seekers hailing from all corners of the globe, dedicated to the pathless path of self­-enquiry and self­-expression.

We draw upon different wisdom traditions and lineages united by a common aim: to look within and loosen the shackles of the mind, to help dissolve the veils of illusion, doubt and confusion, and to live life with compassion, spontaneity and joy. In an age when yoga is becoming increasingly commercialized and divorced from the spiritual path that has preserved it for millennia, we wish to stay true to the essence of the teachings and traditions of Yoga in their myriad wonderful expressions.

The Shambhala sala is a lovely, purpose­built sacred space mere steps away from the shoreline of beautiful Sairee beach. Since our inception, we’ve welcomed more than 50,000 friends and visitors from around the world to share in our Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and Satsang sessions.

Whether you’re passing through on your travels or end up joining the Koh Tao family, you are always welcome at Shambhala. Join us to awaken, recharge, energise, detox, refresh, release, clear the mind and open the heart!

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